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For Beautiful Hair, Feed it Right (just another extra for eating healthy!) For Beautiful Hair, Feed it Right Of course you care how your hair looks. Who doesn’t? Ever since humans emerged from caves, we’ve used our hair to broadcast two messages: “I’m healthy and powerful” and “Hello, honey, how about it?” Some politicians get elected just because of it — or don’t for the… Read more »

The Study That Convinced Dr. Lane to Add Yoga to Chiropractic Lane Yoga for Low Back Pain Relief:Alternative No Longer A growing number of medical professionals are finding that yoga can provide relief for some low back pain sufferers. Within the past few years, findings from well- designed, peer-reviewed studies have begun to move the practice of yoga beyond the category of alternative therapy.  One widely… Read more »

Natural Ways to Be a Cold and Flu Warrior Natural Ways to Be a Cold and Flu Warrior Want to fight off colds and flu like a champ? You could go the Rocky route and charge up those 72 steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum. (Yes, exercise helps you keep colds at bay.) Or you could just do your daily 30-minute walk AND… Read more »

Four Ways to De-Fuse Office Stress Four Ways to De-Fuse Office Stress Is cleaning out the refrigerator (yes, including that yucky green glob at the back) more appealing than going to work? Time to save your sanity, and maybe your heart. Until recently, docs mostly worried about men’s tickers caving in to job pressures. But now stressed-out women are a… Read more »

Five Snacks for Better Sleep Five Snacks for Better Sleep Sleep has a lot in common with that other popular bedroom activity most of us would love to have a little more of. Getting enough sleep, just like sex, has been proven to extend your life. Less than six hours of sleep a night increases your risk of heart… Read more »

Alcoholism Risk Linked To Obesity Risk! Risk Linked To Obesity Risk! The link between a family history of alcohol dependency and obesity risk has become more prominent over the last few years. A higher percentage of males and females with a family history of alcoholism were found to be obese in 2002 than in 1992. 15% of the US population was obese… Read more »

JAMA study: Relationship Between Red Meat Consumption and Type II Diabetes According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association   (JAMA), increased consumption of red meat over an extended period of time may elevate a  person’s risk of type II diabetes. The study analyzed data from three Harvard studies and  tracked 149,000 health care professionals who completed questionnaires about… Read more »

Dr. Lane tells it all: the truth about doctors and health…Mom got it right. readers,  I am very grateful that you read my postings – many taken from excellent sources of information about health and caring for yourself.  I don’t write as many posting as I re-post other people’s work because I have no need to re-invent the wheel.  As the title of this posting says, I intend… Read more »

Have Scientists Finally Found The Fountain Of Youth? Have Scientists Finally FoundThe Fountain Of Youth?          Maybe they have.  As it turns out, the fountain of youth is not some mystical place in the forest, it’s located inside you.  Here’s what this is all about:  According to Science Daily, December 2, 2010, “Prof. Dafna Benayahu and her team at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of… Read more »

Thank Goodness You’re Here: its about Gratitude Thank Goodness You’re Here: Its about Gratitude Ever wish you and your partner felt closer? Want to relight the fires of love, morning, noon and (especially) night? Just adopt gratitude as your attitude. Gratitude can work better than Viagra at boosting romance. Let’s assume you’re in a committed relationship. Try this together: Each night,… Read more »