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2014: 12 Easy Ways to Make Life Simple Again 07105 12 Easy Ways to Make Life Simple Again   The irony of attempting to simplify your life is that it can end up being quite complicated. It should be easy right? Just let go of what is not important and doesn’t contribute positively to your quality of life.  However, we tend to… Read more »

Cinnamon Helps in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 07105 Cinnamon Helps in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseCinnamon may help remedy lipid profiles and have therapeutic benefits in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), according to a new Iranian trial.This is a very odd condition.  When a person has liver disease it is common to consider that their issue arose from… Read more »

Mid-life job Stress Linked To Later Health Problems 07105 Mid-life job Stress Linked To Later Health ProblemsMore strain at work might mean more illness in old age, according to a new study from Finland. The study found both physical and mental job strain was tied to hospital stays later in life.Mental job strain can come from tight deadlines, high demands… Read more »

Many With Diabetes Unaware of Vision Loss 07105 Many With Diabetes Unaware of Vision LossLess than half of people with diabetes-related eye disease has been told about it, which means they’re also missing out on treatment that could save their sight, U.S. researchers say.Dr. Lane says: As a doctor who sees a great deal of diabetics, the vision loss… Read more »

A Common Meniscus (knee) Surgery Ineffective 07105 A Common Meniscus (knee) Surgery IneffectiveOne of the most common types of knee surgery performed in the U.S. is no more effective than fake surgery, at least for the first year, according to a new study.The new evidence should give doctors pause before they try to repair the meniscus, which cushions… Read more »

8 Small Health Gifts For The New Year 07105 8 Small Health Gifts For The New Year Here is my list of eight mini-gifts that will make everyone healthier and happier (including you, because giving is a great feeling). 1. A half-pound of walnuts. Eating 12 walnut halves or a handful of pistachios (any kind of nuts will do) daily may… Read more »

Processed Meat Increases Stroke Risk in Men 07105 Processed Meat Increases Stroke Risk in Men A study from Sweden found that “consumption of processed meat, but not of fresh red meat, was positively associated with risk of stroke.” Research showed the risk of stroke was 23% greater for those men who ate the most processed meat compared to those who… Read more »

Antibiotics Still Over-Prescribed for Children 07105 Antibiotics Still Over-Prescribed for Children According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “antibiotic use contributes to the development of antibiotic resistance on both the individual and country level.” It is for this reason that antibiotics should only be prescribed for ailments where they can actually have an impact. Acute… Read more »

My thoughts about “A Formula for Happiness” 07105 My thoughts about “A Formula for Happiness”, which I reprinted a few days ago This article is very informative about a topic most of us put on the “back burner” – being happy.  We go through life with the idea that we must sacrifice, muster on, reciprocate, work, perseverance, tolerate, sacrifice, attain,… Read more »

Being Your Best Self 07105 A reprint from Carolyn Hax (an advice columnist I consider the most clever and geared to youthful concerns).The topic is how you know you are being your best self (the best you can be).  I can’t say anything better about remembering to like yourself.If you don’t like yourself, why should anyone else?… Read more »