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‘Strongest Evidence Yet’ Links Popular Anticholinergic Drugs, Dementia 07105 ‘Strongest Evidence Yet’ Links Anticholinergic Drugs, Dementia A new study provides the strongest evidence that anticholinergic drugs may increase the risk for dementia in older adults.The drugs implicated are commonly used, estimated to be taken by about 20% of the older adult population for many conditions. They include popular antihistamines sold over… Read more »

Safety Tips For Shoveling Snow 07105 Safety tips for shoveling snow A 2011 study published in the Clinical Research in Cardiology revealed that shoveling snow actually does increase the risk of a having a heart attack. The study looked at 500 people and found that 7% started experiencing symptoms of heart problems while shoveling snow. The cardiologists conducting… Read more »

A Drink a Day to Lower Heart Failure Risk 07105 A Drink a Day to Lower Heart Failure RiskA new study, in the European Heart Journal, followed 14,629 people for 24 years, starting at an average age of 54. It found that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart failure than either heavy drinkers or abstainers.There were 2,508 cases of heart… Read more »

Why Your Workout Should Be High-Intensity 07105 Why Your Workout Should Be High-IntensityMany people with chronic health problems resign themselves to lives of modest activity or no activity at all, thinking vigorous exercise is unsafe or that they lack the stamina for it. But recent studies are proving just the opposite.They are showing that high-intensity exercise may be even… Read more »

High Cholesterol Takes Its Toll Over Time 07105 High Cholesterol Takes Its Toll Over TimeHaving high cholesterol in your 30s and 40s increases your risk for heart disease, and the longer it stays elevated, the greater the risk, a new study reports.Researchers studied 1,478 people, average age 55, who were free of cardiovascular disease. All had had their cholesterol levels… Read more »

Statins Save Fewer Lives Than Sensible Living 07105 Statins Save Fewer Lives Than Sensible Living Statins save fewer lives than simple lifestyle changes like exercising and eating sensibly, scientists have found. Researchers discovered that the wonder pills, taken by around seven million people in Britain, save around 750 lives a years by preventing fatal heart attacks and strokes. But other… Read more »

Heavy Soccer Playing Before Age 12 Linked to Later Hip Deformity 07105 Heavy Soccer Playing Before Age 12 Linked to Later Hip DeformityIn a study of Dutch professional footballers, a bone deformity at the hip was much more common among men who started playing the sport at least four times a week before age twelve.If the bones of the hip don’t develop normally during… Read more »

Experts Say Surgery Not Better for Spinal Stenosis 07105 Surgery Not Better for Spine Narrowing, Study FindsSurgery and more conservative treatments provide similar long-term outcomes for people with spinal stenosis, a new study suggests.Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal that leads to back and leg pain and other symptoms.The study included more than 650 spinal stenosis patients who had… Read more »

Vitamin D Reduces Tooth Decay 07105 Vitamin D Reduces Tooth Decay Tooth decay, cavities or “caries” as they are called in the dental community are common to most children, particularly those who eat a considerable amount of sweets. While the evidence is not overwhelming, a new study “identified vitamin D as a promising caries-preventive agent, leading to a… Read more »