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Cataract Surgery: What to Expect 07105 NEWARK Cataract Surgery: What to Expect What Is a Cataract? It’s a cloudy area in the lens of your eye. It can make your vision dim, blurry, or cloudy, and colors might look faded. A cataract also might make you more sensitive to light, or you might have trouble seeing at night…. Read more »

Your Liver: Ways you may be damaging it 07105 NEWARK Your Liver: Ways you may be damaging it Less Alcohol Than You May Think You probably already know that drinking too much is bad for your liver. But you might not realize that “too much” can happen without you being an alcoholic or addicted to alcohol. It’s easy to drink more… Read more »

What Are the Complications of Diabetes? 07105 NEWARK What Are the Complications of Diabetes? – I work largely with men in this office (e.g. truckers, heavy machinery operators, bus drivers).  Many have diabetes or are pre-diabetic.  This is what I say to them about the problems with untreated diabetes and its complications: “Your dick will stop working.  This will… Read more »

‘More Plants, Less Meat = Less Diabetes,’ 07105 NEWARK ‘More Plants, Less Meat = Less Diabetes,’ New Analysis Indicates Middle-aged people who ate more plant-based foods — mainly semi-vegetarians but also vegetarians and vegans — were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than their peers who ate more meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, in a large meta-analysis. Overall, people with the… Read more »

Cutting Just 300 Calories a Day Benefits The Heart, Even in the Healthy 07105 NEWARK Cutting Just 300 Calories a Day Benefits The Heart, Even in the Healthy Reducing daily food intake by the equivalent of just a couple of cookies, or around 300 calories, over 2 years leads not only to improvements in body composition but a range of cardiometabolic risk factors that could result… Read more »

Important: Healthy lifestyle may offset genetic risk of dementia 07105 NEWARK Healthy lifestyle may offset genetic risk of dementia Living a healthy lifestyle may help offset a person’s genetic risk of dementia, according to new research. READERS!  I want you to read this headline a second time!  Dementia is avoidable in many cases!  While this article will discuss medical and biological issues… Read more »

More Than You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Back Pain 07105 NEWARK More Than You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Back Pain Unless you’re blessed with a perfect musculoskeletal system (or you’re under the age of 24), you’ve probably experienced some type of back pain. It hurts; and it hurts all the time! Luckily, there are ways to ease the pain—and prevent it… Read more »

Worst Foods for Causing Constipation 07105 NEWARK Worst Foods for Causing Constipation Dairy If you get constipated often, do yourself a favor and take a look at your diet. Among the foods that may block you up: too much cheese and milk. But you may not have to give up dairy — just eat less of it and… Read more »

Supplements for Joint Pain 07105 NEWARK Supplements for Joint Pain This article lists the articles supporting Ginger, Curcumin/Tumeric, ‘Devils Claw’, Omega-3s In short, these supplements, probably best used in their food forms, are the best natural source of relief for joint pain. Article via Blogger

9 Tips for Better Posture 07105 NEWARK 9 Tips for Better Posture As a chiropractor I see bad posture daily and the problems it can cause if it is not corrected.  The longer that you live with bad posture the harder it is to reverse.  If you never try to fix your posture while you are young you… Read more »