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Adherence to Nordic-Style Diet Linked to Lower Risk for Total Stroke

Consuming a Nordic-style diet — which includes cabbages, rye bread, fruit such as apples and pears, root vegetables, oatmeal, and fish — may be protective against some types of stroke, new research suggests.
In a cohort of more than 55,000 participants in the population-based Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health study, those with higher Healthy Nordic Food Index scores at baseline had a significantly lower risk for total stroke during an average follow-up of 14 years compared with those with lower index scores.
After adjustment for multiple confounders, total stroke risk was 14% lower for the high-adherence group.
Although a trend was also observed between Nordic diet adherence and ischemic stroke overall, it was not statistically significant. However, there was a significant inverse association for its subtype of large-artery atherosclerosis.
Still, lead author Camilla Plambeck Hansen, PhD, Department of Public Health at Aarbus University, Denmark, pointed out that more studies of these associations are needed before it can be recommended that clinicians propose a Nordic diet to their own patients at risk for stroke.
Dr Camilla Plambeck Hansen
Instead, “maybe they should just consider an alternative if patients have problems adapting to a Mediterranean diet,” Dr Hansen told Medscape Medical News. “Other diets may be just as good.”
The study results were published online January 3 in Stroke.

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