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Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Linked to Vitamin D, Race Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Linked to Vitamin D, Race Vitamin D deficiency may be a risk factor for increased knee osteoarthritic pain in black Americans, according to a study published online November 7, 2012 in Arthritis & Rheumatism. Toni Glover, MSN, ARNP, a PhD student at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and colleagues conducted a cross-sectional study in… Read more »

Why CDL drivers need to see a CME (in Spanish and English)

Safety Lane ( 290 Ferry StreetSuite A1Newark, NJ 07105Phone: 973-344-5656Fax: 973-344-5633 I am registered with the National Registry for Certified Medical examiners,  National Registry # 9221125725. Changes in the physical exam portion of the Commercial Drivers License. The United States Department of Transportation now requires this exam be done by a certified medical examiner (CME)…. Read more »

Observation on an Age Old Question By the rules of blogging, I must reprint the source of this next missive since it is not my own: Observation on an Age Old Question. What deep thinkers men are…lol. Mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beer.The day was really quite beautiful, and the… Read more »

Top Six Ways To Stop Bad-Back Attacks Top Six Ways To Stop Bad-Back Attacks Sometimes the smallest action — that last twist of the champagne cork on a romantic night, scooping up your grandchild for a smooch — can throw your back out of whack.  But if you take these back-happy steps to prevent strain, you’ll keep those kisses coming. 1…. Read more »

Five Supplements You Need Every Day Five Supplements You Need Every Day If a reality-TV crew filmed your supplement stash, would the episode be called “Dusty Old Bottles”? Or maybe “Cupboard Chaos”? If you’re among the one in two adults who take a multivitamin, or the half who’ve given up in confusion, here’s relief. Just follow Dr. Mike’s simple “Fab… Read more »

Ten Ways To Get The Most Out Of Any Workout Ten Ways To Get The Most Out Of Any Workout If you’re busy as I am at Chiropractic Lane you want to squeeze the most out of every minute you spend working out, right? Who doesn’t! While there are a few ways to do this, here’s the most important: Follow proper form. It makes… Read more »

The Road to Longevity The Road to Longevity By Drs. Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman Harvard scientists have observed that the shortest-living Americans are Native American populations in South Dakota, living an average lifespan of 66.5 years, whereas the longest-living Americans are Asian-American women residing in Bergen County, N.J., who live to an average lifespan of 91.1 years…. Read more »

Brain Pills That Work Brain Pills That Work Wouldn’t it be nice if savvy scientists invented a mental Viagra to give your brain a lift? Several so-called memory management drugs look promising, but why wait? We YOU Docs think you’d be smart to make a pre-emptive strike. Here are our top memory-savers:  1. ASPIRIN  Why? The arteries of… Read more »

How Good Cholesterol Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away How Good Cholesterol Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away Want to be able blow the candles out on your 100th birthday cake and actually remember what you did during all of those years? Then keep your healthy HDL cholesterol high.  That’s a secret shared by long-lived people who’ve never developed memory-robbing Alzheimer’s disease: They have… Read more »

For Beautiful Hair, Feed it Right (just another extra for eating healthy!) For Beautiful Hair, Feed it Right Of course you care how your hair looks. Who doesn’t? Ever since humans emerged from caves, we’ve used our hair to broadcast two messages: “I’m healthy and powerful” and “Hello, honey, how about it?” Some politicians get elected just because of it — or don’t for the… Read more »