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The Road to Longevity The Road to Longevity By Drs. Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman Harvard scientists have observed that the shortest-living Americans are Native American populations in South Dakota, living an average lifespan of 66.5 years, whereas the longest-living Americans are Asian-American women residing in Bergen County, N.J., who live to an average lifespan of 91.1 years…. Read more »

Outsmart Your Genes With These Five Habits Outsmart Your Genes With These Five Habits There’s a good reason you greet your friends by asking, “Hi, what’s up?” not “Hey, how’re your genes hanging?” You instinctively know what science is steadily confirming: What you do every day has more impact on how you feel, and whether you live long or die young,… Read more »

Drink Coffee, Live Longer Drink Coffee, Live Longer Love that java? Can’t break your morning date with joe? Young Dr. Mike knows how you feel. That’s why we’re excited (no, it’s not the caffeine, just the good news) to report even more data that indicates coffee could be saving your life, if you drink it right.  By… Read more »