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Knee Pain Remedies

I have been asked to write a small amount about what to do with knee pain.  Generically, knee pain has a few remedies to cover a wide range of causes.  Knee pain comes from several areas, but the three most prevalent that I see in this office are (a) overuse that has no permanent damage, (b) OA, osteoarthritis, where the bones of the upper leg (femur) are pressing and rubbing against the lower leg bone (tibia).  This is unfortunate and usually shows on an x-ray as a bony “lipping” being seen  This is beyond what  chiropractor can help and must be referred out for prolotherapy or surgery, (c) knee ligament problems such as a torn meniscus or ACL injury. 

The most common causes of knee pain are noted here. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from ongoing knee pain, here are some of our top quick fix remedies for easing knee pain!

A chiropractor can teach you better movement patterns, adjust your knees, use Graston Technique (not every DC does this or knows how.  Seek out a doctor like Dr. Lane, who are experts in this area and have the tools), and help you to retrain the muscles that most affect this joint.

Cold therapy
Cold therapy is the application of any form of treatment which is designed to reduce the temperature of the underlying tissues. This is effective for reducing pain in both acute (new) injuries as well as more chronic (long-term) problems

Knee Supports
The use of a knee support can provide relief in cases of mild to moderate knee pain. Surrounding the knee joint in a material such as neoprene provides many of the benefits of heat therapy by keeping the joint warm and surrounding muscles flexible. Supporting the joint may also help to stabilise it and reduce twisting and lateral movements which may aggravate it

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy which can be used by a patient in their own home to provide pain relief. It involves using two or four electrodes positioned around the knee. An electrical current is passed through the pads which affects the nerve endings, resulting in a tingling feeling in the joint. TENS works on the pain gate theory which means the tingling sensation blocks the pain sensation.

No one needs to suffer with knee pain, see your local chiropractor (DC) as soon as possible!

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