Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XI

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1) Please be aware that if your source of medical knowledge comes from commercials that market various products then you are truly uneducated and confused about the world.  This type of knowledge is exactly the same as using porn as your source to understand either men or women.

Commericals sell products and their only purpose is to give you the impression that you need their product to solve your issue.  They do not either claim to be honest or informative for the consumer and you should only use them as a base to find out more if you are curious.

2) The trouble with other people that you have relationships with — romantic is probably what I am referring to – is that we deeply feel that not making things right with them will lead to their rejection and our lives will be worse because of this.  The very reason that we seek out another person is to replace something missing in our lives – affection, acceptance, money, and so on – that we lacked before we met them.  We fear that loss more than the person who gives that to you.

3) Obese people have shorter lives and even those who are just overweight spend more years living with heart disease than individuals who are a healthy weight. For middle-aged men 40 to 59 years old, the odds of having a stroke, heart attack, heart failure or death from cardiovascular causes was 21 percent higher for overweight individuals than for those at a normal weight. Overweight middle-aged women had 32 percent higher odds of having a heart condition or dying from it.  There is no such thing as “fat and fit”  – it is only a matter of time before this extra weight becomes the basis for diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

I see people who are obese in my office and I am amazed with their excellent blood pressure and their good diabetes readings.  I know that eventually they will get these conditions and since I see them every year or two years I see exactly what I just wrote about – they end up with these conditions and often severely.
Please take care of your weight – it is your destiny.

4) I want to comment on the issue of stupidity:  if you don’t read then you are stupid (“those who can read but don’t are just as illiterate as those who can’t read”), if you have not learned anything since high school or college then you are stupid, if you get all your information from TV or videos instead of a newspaper or magazines that can explore the topic in depth then you are being told your views and aren’t forming them on your own – so you are stupid, if you don’t know any people outside of the groups you are part of (black, latin, or white, college-educated or not college-educated, young or old, born in this country or not) then you are stupid – basically I declare you stupid if you have never explored another viewpoint to understand the world through a different set of eyes or opinions.  The world is close by and it is amazing – get out there are explore so that I don’t have to declare you stupid!

5) In every couple there is one person with a “tormented soul” – tormented about their life choices, their kids, the family that they grew up in, the family that they wish they had grown up in, their neighbors, their wants and desires, their appearance – whatever the basis, they are tormented by this topic (or more than one topic) and they make this their constant theme.  

Relationships cannot support two tormented souls so those tend to be short-lived. The “tormented one” has no patience or time to support the other tormented soul.  Like the true mentally ill, tormented people are short-term mentally ill and the issues have to play themselves out until either they calm down or a new crisis interrupts their current topic of torment (real or in their heads).

6) This morning (3/30/2018) I read about another DOT medical examiner being caught doing the exams wrong (try NOT doing the exams correctly – intentionally) and putting 2000 truck drivers in trouble with the DOT.  They all have to do their exams again.

I am a chiropractor.  I graduated UBCC in 2008.

Every time I read about an examiner who fails to do these exams correctly (AL, GA, and CA) it is always a chiropractor! Investigated by the federal government in each case! I am so mad I can only describe it as “white hot burning anger that almost blinds me” – how dare these doctors make my profession look so bad in the eyes of the public!!

Yes, I hold myself out as an especially conscientous doctor who does these exams absolutely correctly.  Safety Lane has standards and upholds these exams at the highest level of integrity.  I would feel great shame if I was found to be intentionally making errors to benefit myself.

So why am I so angry?  Take whatever group that you are part of – Equadorian, Polish, Jewish, black – and think about someone representing your group wearing some symbol that makes them “loud and proud” – a t-shirt, carrying your flag or a sign with your symbols, your national colors, or a message unique to your group – and see them doing something reprehensible and against the moral order: urinate or defecate in public, molest a child, abuse their spouse, and so on.  How do you feel about them now as they represent you?

It is not enough to walk around loudly proclaiming that this person doesn’t represent all of your group – they already have done just that and the public will see all of your group this way.  Now you understand my anger.

7) Under Trump the word “conservative” has taken on the additional deefinition of “racist”.  This should not be so.  One is a view of politics and the other is a view of people.

Conservatives should be working hard to separate these two words before the inevitable occurs and innocent people who adhere to a political philosophy become enmeshed with a worldview that should be abhorrent to all decent people.

8) Sometimes it seems that people live their lives in cliches – the nagging wife, the man who escapes from the home by going to a bar, the deceptive children trying to get away with something from their parents.  Do the cliches exist because that is what people do or do people do these things because they have seen the cliches and feel a need to repeat them?

9) I don’t know what to make of this next thought: am I writing it because this was not the world I grew up in or is it because I think it will lead to trouble for the people I am writing about down to road – the delayed adolescence and infantilization of young adults (those over 21).  

I see it every day – parents paying the bills, fines, expenses of their “children” as their children lead lives of dubious maturity.

I think we all wish that this had been our lives – support until we make it in the world and can pay our own way.  The problem is that what usually occurs is that the young “adult” uses their paycheck on fun and uses their parents’ money for “expenses” (e.g. the real expenses of life).  This goes on as long as the parents have the money or the willingness to foot the bill or the “child” decides to pay their own bills or grows resentful of the parents’ demands that are connected to receiving this monthly payment.

10) In the world of medicine today it is considered that in the developed world that more than 50% (some say 80% or more) of the medical problems of people are due to lifestyle choices.

Let’s break these words down:

Lifestyle – the way you live your life and make decisions about where to live, eat, move, and what you wear.

Choices – you decide between many options and find the one that you like.

I see this every day: people eat the wrong foods and gain weight.  They could choose other foods but they don’t because it may involve tangible issues such as cost, preparation, comfort (the food choice makes them feel less stress), or easy of access.

Poor lifestyle choices also include living in a polluted or unsafe location, failure to get adequate exercise and the most dangerous choices: smoking and drinking alcohol.  

No good can come from smoking anything.  Your lungs must be pristine to work properly.  Don’t pollute your lungs.

Alcohol has some redeeming values but excess is a one-way street to organ failure.

If you have people who care about you, if you have people who would miss you if you die, if you have people who you take care of then please choose your lifestyle better.

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