Dr. Lane’s thoughts XII (special edition) Sarah “Huckster” Sanders

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Dr. Lane’s thoughts XII (special edition) Sarah “Huckster” Sanders

I know that the US President Trump is a nasty, rude, racist white supremist with only a fleeting relationship to integrity, honest, or patriotism.  I get it; I understand that people who share his views and using the odd system in the US called the electoral college.  The electoral college, with support from a Republican-controlled legislatures, created the weird-shaped districts through gerrymandering to create white-dominated areas that elected him.

OK, Trump is true to his elitist white-priviliged roots.  He is true to his upbringing by a racist father who lost his first son to alcoholism and reluctantly passed on his empire to a son he was so disappointed with that he sent him away to military school.

I understand that Trump hates anyone who speaks truth or honesty to him and he is riled by the press who he calls “fake news” when they point out the thousands of lies he has stated since his inaguration.

Like I have written – he is true to himself.

I can’t comprehend his cadre of people who repeat his lies and, especially, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (“Sarah HuckaSanders”) who has a special level of hell waiting for herself.

She uses the altering of language, the denial of comprehension, the outright reversal of statements to cover up, confuse, and alienate the American people without an iota of shame.

She is a combination of obstructing lawyer, priviliged white woman, and angry 7-year old on a daily basis with her false statements to the press, her denial of facts even when presented to her and her facetious surprise at routine questions. 

I admire her ability to speak the lies of her employer which would burn in the mouth of any other person or be hard to repeat without the blackest of hearts.

Being the spokesperson for a wannabe dictator deserves the greatest condemnation I can offer.

Shame, shame, shame.

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