Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XXI


1.  There is racial and civil unrest unrest in this country right now concerning the lives of Black people.  It may bring some changes but real, systemic change will only happen when it becomes a bygone conclusion that change is both inevitable and impossible to ignore.  Change will happen when the people who march today and in the positions of power.  Right now the protesters are saying a message to the people in power who have their positions assured by maintining their stance on civil rights and police brutality.  When those same positions are held by more enlightened people, things will change.

This has been the way of all inevitable politcla change: marijuana laws changed only when it was realized that marijuana was not dangerous and the policing of marijuana laws ruined the lives of many young people but disproportionately Black people.  Voting rights were given to women when women made it clear that an equal America included them and that they would never give up their suffrage.

If you look down in the Grand Canyon you will see a river.  It is hard to see from the precipice of the Canyon but it is there.  That river is what carved the Grand Canyon over thousands of years though it looks very small today.  Persistence is what carved the river; relentless water against a rocky terrain carved a canyon.  Like this river, the people of America will make their message clear that we will not allow the death of another person from unnecessary police brutality.

No one is asking the police to be docile; what we are asking is that an unarmed handcuffed man on the ground should not have to fear for his life because he cannot defend himself.

2.  In my life I am daily in the position of counseling people about their health and lifestyle decisions.  On the other hand, I am also someone who has to receive advice about issues that I am not an expert at (finances, COVID-19 prevention, car maintenance and so on).  

In my own work I have an approach that I can only hope to receive from others, which is the “doing pretty good” training.

In short, no one wants to be scolded for not being perfect in their attempts to do the best for themselves.  It really helps if the expert professional having heard you explain what steps you are taking to make improvements says, “it sounds to me that you are doing pretty good” while offering ways and examples of how to do better.

3. This announcement says everything I could say about it: “By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present,” this is a statement on Mr. Trump’s campaign website informed those wishing to attend his June 19, 2020 rally in Tulsa, Okla.

4. Around December 2020 there will be three books published, a series, called “The Trump Books”

a. “Worst President Ever.”  This will be a history of Trump from news sources, his Twitter Feed, with commentary.  On the LEFT side of the page will be FOX News glowing reviews and interviews with Trump throughout his presidency with a parallel RIGHT side of the page of what was going on in the United States and being done by Trump while Fox was writing and saying those articles and ignoring the historical events happening around them.

b. “Worst President Ever!”  This will be a book exploring why he is considered the worst president ever with explanations by historians.

c. “Worst President Ever?” This will be a review of Trump where it is pondered whether he really was the worst US president.  It will cover all the worst presidents in US history with an explanation of the times and events that shaped their poor historical standing and how those presidents contributed to what happened.  Trump will be the last and largest chapter.

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