Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XXIII


1) Florida: 7-13-2020.   The largest single day increase in COVID-19 cases in the history of this pandemic.  People there are talking about the ‘lack of leadership” – calling out the state and federal governments.  You can’t complain of a ‘lack of leadership’ if you are the ones that put DeSantis and Trump into office.  Florida – the political has now become personal.

2)  The White House is trying to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the CDC.  This guy is a real leader and a smart scientist doctor.  He has more integrity and honesty in his little finger than the whole white house has in in all of their bodies combined.  Many deaths could have been avoided and illnesses prevented if his thoughts and ideas were followed more closely.

3) Trump and his dog Betsy DeVos (just kidding there Betsy, my dog is much smarter than you) want the schools to reopen stating “If they can reopen Walmart and Home Depot they can reopen the schools”.  

Wrong idea there.  At Walmart and Home Depot they can deny entry if you are not wearing a mask and they can make you leave if you do not wear a mask consistently while you are there.  No one goes to Home Depot and Walmart for 7 hours of sitting, standing and running around in gym class.  If you go to either of these stores you can’t cry if you forgot your mask and then the stores are required to supply you with a mask and if they do deny entry to the stores, that person’s parents will not tell the principal and school superintendent about the incident.

No, you idiots, reopening the schools is not the same as reopening Home Depot and Walmart.

4) If you are hearing about stores that are “mask optional” or just outright do not require you to wear a mask, you may believe that you are looking at a business but you are really looking at a rough mugger who will do anything to get your money, including kill you and your family!

Let’s think about that for a minute: someone knows you have a wallet on you and they are so desperate for your possessions and money that they will beat you and hurt you and fight your attempts to preserve your body just to get your money.

No mask means that you can get COVID-19 from another person there and possibly bring it home and infect your family.  A horrible slow death.

Just like a mugger.

All to get you to go there and spend your money.

Just like Trump who wants to defund testing for COVID-19 (“it makes us look weak”) and is sending our nation’s supply of ventilators to other countries in some willy-nilly pattern where countries with 19 cases (this is real; a place that has had only 19 cases) get 20 ventilators and countries with no people with the proper training on using ventilators are getting these expensive and highly technical machines for them to use without training.

The people most likely to trust Trump and not wear masks and go to stores with a no-mask policy are also the ones most likely to vote for him.  Kind of backward to kill off the people who will vote for you but that’s our Trump (I imagine that someday there will be a TV show with a fat balding bigot who is a cross between Archie Bunker and Simon Cowell and the catchphrase of the show will be “That’s Our Trump!”).

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