Explaining Chiropractic

The cornerstone of chiropractic care is the chiropractic adjustment – a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. The goal of chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, is to correct structural alignment and improve your body’s physical function.

At Chiropractic Lane we start with the adjustment but we do much more. It is Dr. Lane’s opinion that proper care of the patient involves including techniques borrowed from yoga and physical therapy to achieve the best results. Patients are active throughout the treatments, often reproducing the motions that cause them pain or recreating the circumstances where their physical stress is the worst. These motions are carefully done with Dr. Lane working directly on your body as the rehabilitation is performed.

This is a unique style of chiropractic. No other chiropractor will perform your care in this way and no other chiropractor will help you reach your goals faster.

Whether you want to return to a range-of-motion like you had when you were younger, recover from a sport injury, return to work after an accident, or improve your overall fitness, Chiropractic Lane is your best choice!

Among the many differences you will experience at Chiropractic Lane is our philosophy that motion is the only answer to restoring the patient to a healthy condition.

To understand what this means to us, it is important to understand what motion means to your body.

Let’s get some common mistaken ideas about the body cleared up:

1) The heart pumps the blood through the body

2) Digestion occurs as the body performs peristalsis and moves the body through the digestive track

3) Bones are healthiest when you are young and slowly degenerate as you grow older.

4) Old bodies can’t do anything but get more decrepit

5) Going to the gym is a way to build your body up so it looks nice so it really is just for young people and those trying to get back into the dating scene.

6) Women should only use weights if they want to be muscular and “butch”

The truth is much simpler – motion makes all the processes of the body work and makes them work better. Motion is made up of the muscles moving and they move in a “squeeze and release” method. This motion squeezes the muscles and the blood supply (arteries and veins) and this moves the blood to and from all the parts of the body.

True, the heart pumps and each successive pump moves more blood but real efficiency only occurs when the body is moving and assisting the heart.

Now apply this “squeeze and release” idea to digestion – the muscles that make up the torso also perform this action and this assists the digestive track in moving your digesting food along efficiently.

When your body is moving, materials are moving in and out as the system needs to break down and build up muscles and bones as demands on them are increased. This process is called “metabolism”.

Metabolism keeps muscles and bones healthy and this is the only way to keep yourself young. No one is immune to the calendar but every body is immune to the impact of letting it decide your state of health. When you move, whether it is walking, running, swimming, lifting, or exercising you are creating motion in the body.

One of the biggest errors we see is the idea that the gym is for younger people, mostly men who want to look “buff” and women who want to look their best and attract those men. Nothing is further from the truth.

The gym is an excellent place to learn how to work on improving your motion in a safe environment. It is also the best place to improve your flexibility and strength and learn how to prevent aches and pains that will cause you to seek out a doctor or chiropractor!

At Chiropractic Lane we are driven to help our patient get better and return to motion. We are always available to rehabilitate our patient but we also enjoy working with them to prevent common problems like backache, neck pain, and subluxations.

One of our mottos is “we can always help you as long as you are on this side of the ground.”

No matter where you are in your physical conditioning or level of pain and discomfort, let us work with you to return you to motion and health!

Motion – it isn’t just for mobility, it’s the basis of health!