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Get your vaccines!

I have been reading a great deal about people being wary of vaccines.  I have heard many unscientific people with no credentials (or questionable credentials) stating their “truth” about vaccines being dangerous.  The worst was a recent article (August 2019) in the leading chiropractic journal, Dynamic Chiropractic, called “Why We Worry About Vaccines” citing “1,200” anti-vaccine studies (the writer does not cite a single study of any merit or from a peer-reviewed journal which is considered the ‘gold standard’ of professional authorship).  He utilizes exclusively the writings of self-published ‘professionals’ and websites.

I agree with only a sliver of what he has written which is this: the way vaccines are made may be an issue that needs to be explored and safety should always be the greater goal.  In brief: vaccines are good and safety in their preparation should be the most important factor.

Most of his exhaustive writing (*sir, please consider getting an editor and/or learning that ‘stream-of-conciousness’ writing only works for journals describing the impact of religion or hallucinogenic drugs*) does discuss the additive to vaccines that could be an issue without any discussion about whether vaccines work.

The hardest part of writing my thoughts about people getting vaccines is controlling myself from calling anti-vaxxers what they are: fools and idiots.

People – get your kids vaccinated!

You don’t need me to tell you to do something that you don’t believe in.  No, you are too smart to listen to me – I understand that.  Still, there is someone you should talk to – any poerson you can find who is over 75 years old.  That is all I ask – find any person, related to you or not, and ask them one question.  I am not even going to tell you how to phrase the question or the words to use.  All you need to ask is something about what life was like before most children were vaccinated in the United States.

How about something like this, “Grandma, what was the United States like before kids were vaccinated?”  You can even toss in the words that ant-vaxxers like, such as “forced to be vaccinated” or “vaccinated against their will” or “vaccinated against God’s plan” or however you want to word it.  Make the movement in the United States sound as evil as you think it is – the words don’t really matter in my request.

This is probably what you will hear” “it was horrible before kids were vaccinated!  I lost my (brother, cousin, neighbor, friend) to (measles, rubella, scarlet fever, polio)”.  Something like that.

Ask any person of any age from the countries of Pakistan, India, or parts of Latin America, or Sub-Saharan Africa, especially if they are from a small village.  Ask any of them, young or old.  You will learn that fathers would give up a month’s wages to ensure that his children were vaccinated from diseases – vaccinations that are included free under your health insurance!  Even where college is not the means to employment, where subsistence is a way of life they all understand how important vaccines are

Get your kids vaccinated!

I have heard every excuse from every angle – I am a chiropractor so I have heard my colleagues argue against vaccines as being medicine.  Befoe I became a DC I got a Masters in Public Health (MPH) and I know about the history of vaccinations and the lives saved.  I am also the last child of older parents so my mother recalled the stories of children in iron lungs from polio, neighbors who died from communicable diseases, and aunts and uncles who did not live beyond their teens.

Get your kids vaccinated!

I could be Darwinian here and tell people to do whatever they want to their children and let death be the final decider for the parents but I am a healthcare provider and spend my days counseling people to get  treated for diabetes and high blood pressure.  If I speak to adults about their own health it would be disengenous for me to not speak up for the children who have their health decisions decided by those same parents.

These are the same parents who keep their dogs vaccinated and their houses maintained so I think that their kids should be maintained as well.

Still, if you don’t want to vaccinate your kids then you should be proud enough to announce it to the world by having your kids carry a sign or wear a pin that says “I AM NOT VACCINATED”.

That way I can avoid you and your kids.

Get your kids vaccinated.  Please.  Give them a chance to live a healthy life.

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