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Understanding the Complexity of Hypothyroidism the Complexity of HypothyroidismOne of the most common complaints you as a doctor of chiropractic face on a daily basis is that of chronic fatigue. The only complaint you will hear more often is that of chronic pain. Furthermore, many patients with fatigue have done online research and come in asking you about… Read more »

Here are Dr. Lane’s top five foods for lowering blood pressure 07105 Here are Dr. Lane’s top five foods for lowering blood pressure1. Asparagus: This vegetable is the number one choice for lowering blood pressure because it is rich in potassium. Although many other foods are high in potassium – bananas, citrus fruits, dried apricots, fish, whole-grain, legumes – asparagus is also a natural diuretic,… Read more »

Cut Your Chance of a Second Heart Attack In Half 07105 Cut Your Chance of a Second Heart Attack In Half As the epidemic of heart disease continues to kill and disable thousands upon thousands of people, it would only seem reasonable that most cardiologists would be up on what one could do to prevent a second heart attack. The literature aimed at heart… Read more »

Women’s Urinary Symptoms May Mask Cancer 07105 Women’s Urinary Symptoms May Mask CancerPrimary care physicians are more likely to view the first symptoms associated with urinary and kidney cancers in women — as opposed to men — to mild conditions, such as bacterial infections, according to a new study conducted in the United Kingdom.Researchers found that women with urinary tract… Read more »

Let’s Get Rid of Belly Fat 07105 Let’s Get Rid of Belly FatShape matters. If yours resembles a snowman or snow-woman (you know, three circles on top of each other), you’re ready for the four-step, bulging-belly makeover. Your goal: guys — a waist 35 inches or smaller; gals — 32.5 or smaller. Your reward: a flatter stomach, stronger heart feeling… Read more »

Are You Heading For a Heart Attack? You Heading For a Heart Attack?  Six Tests You Better Make Sure Your Doctor Orders! There have been more than 20 studies showing the efficacy of the CRP test (C-reactive protein test). More than half of these have shown that high CRP levels predict a 100% increased risk of heart attack. This is much… Read more »

ARE YOU LISTENING? 07105 Chiropractic Lane / Safety Lane 290 Ferry Street Suite A1 Newark, NJ 07105 (973) 344-5656 ARE YOU LISTENING? When you think of serious public health issues, thoughts of obesity, childhood diabetes or even antibiotic resistant bacteria may come to mind. But one significant public health issue facing the medical field today is… Read more »

Sleeping Position and Shoulder Pain 07105 Sleeping Position and Shoulder Pain The Study:   Association between the side of unilateral shoulder pain and preferred sleeping position: a cross-sectional study of 83 Danish patients.    The Facts: a. The study looked at patients with shoulder pain on one side. b. The authors wished to determine two things: if the shoulder the patient slept on… Read more »

Clearing Your Arteries with Grapefruit 07105 Clearing Your Arteries with Grapefruit I used to be fascinated that next to mangoes, grapefruit have the second highest level of sugar of any fruit.  Sugar is sweet I would recall but “sugar” is a chemical term and just because grapefruit are sour-tasting doesn’t mean they don’t have loads of sugar.  It turns… Read more »

Age-related weight gain doesn’t have to happen! Age-related weight gain doesn’t have to happen!Gaining weight with age often occurs so gradually — the rule seems to be a pound a year. But 20 years equals 20 pounds. Yikes! Don’t resign yourself to it. Dr. Lane suggests that there are six things that have the biggest impact on weight gain as you age…. Read more »