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Young Adults / Teens and Losing Weight

wwww.chiropractic-lane Young Adults / Teens and Losing WeightWe always have a problem when dealing with teenagers.  They are neither adults nor are they children.  It is easy to err on the side of kindness when we are talking to “my little girl” or be too demanding when we expect maturity and understanding discussing a… Read more »

A diversion. Simply is it a photo or a painting? diversion:  a mind-blowing display of art and photography.Simply: photo or painting? via Blogger

SUPPLEMENT Iodine Made America Smarter! Iodine Made America Smarter!I read this article in the latest issue of Discover magazine. Iodized salt is so commonplace in the U.S. today that you may never have given the additive a second thought. But new research finds that humble iodine has played a substantial role in cognitive improvements seen across the American… Read more »

How Good Cholesterol Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away How Good Cholesterol Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away Want to be able blow the candles out on your 100th birthday cake and actually remember what you did during all of those years? Then keep your healthy HDL cholesterol high. That’s a secret shared by long-lived people who’ve never developed memory-robbing Alzheimer’s disease: They have higher-than-average HDL… Read more »

Top Six Ways To Stop Bad-Back Attacks 07105 Top Six Ways To Stop Bad-Back Attacks Sometimes the smallest action — that last twist of the champagne cork on a romantic night, scooping up your grandchild for a smooch — can throw your back out of whack.  But if you take these back-happy steps to prevent strain, you’ll keep those kisses coming…. Read more »

The Road to Longevity The Road to Longevity By Drs. Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman Harvard scientists have observed that the shortest-living Americans are Native American populations in South Dakota, living an average lifespan of 66.5 years, whereas the longest-living Americans are Asian-American women residing in Bergen County, N.J., who live to an average lifespan of 91.1 years…. Read more »

Smoking in pregnancy tied to kids’ behavioral problems in pregnancy tied to kids’ conduct problemsChildren of women who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy are more likely to have behavioral problems than those whose mothers didn’t light up, says a new analysis.The evidence is emerging that smoking in pregnancy and the frequency of smoking in pregnancy is correlated with developmental outcomes after (children)… Read more »

HEALTH For Beautiful Hair, Feed it Right For Beautiful Hair, Feed it Right Of course you care how your hair looks. Who doesn’t? Ever since humans emerged from caves, we’ve used our hair to broadcast two messages: “I’m healthy and powerful” and “Hello, honey, how about it?” Some politicians get elected just because of it — or don’t for the lack… Read more »

Dr. Lane tells it all: the truth about doctors and health…Mom got it right. 07105 Dr. Lane tells it all: the truth about doctors and health…Mom got it right.Hi readers,  I am very grateful that you read my postings – many taken from excellent sources of information about health and caring for yourself.  I don’t write as many posting as I re-post other people’s work because I have… Read more »

Alcoholism Risk Linked To Obesity Risk! 07105www.chiropractic-lane.comAlcoholism Risk Linked To Obesity Risk! The link between a family history of alcohol dependency and obesity risk has become more prominent over the last few years. A higher percentage of males and females with a family history of alcoholism were found to be obese in 2002 than in 1992. 15% of the US population was obese… Read more »