Why Your Bones Can Feel That It Will Rain

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Why Your Bones Can Feel That It Will Rain

Have you ever felt like you know when it will rain because your muscles and joints hurt?  Maybe it isn’t you who feels this way but someone in your family, usually older (whatever “older” means to you: that could be someone in your 20s, 30, 70s – I always say it is anyone 25 years older than you!).

So there are  these aches and you just know it will rain or some sort of precipitation (fancy word for something wet falling out of the sky in the form of weather).

So, why is that?  Why do people ache before water comes out of the sky?

Let’s figure this out: you are about 85% water.  You are many things but they are based in water.  If there is no water, then you are dust.   Solid things in the body depend on water so we are talking about  bones, ligaments and (ready for it?) MUSCLES!

The weather we are talking about iswater.  You are surrounded by water in the air and you are mostly water.

When the air PRESSURE (what meteorologists call “BAROMETRIC PRESSURE”)is getting ready to rain, or sometimes, snow (not so much because snow comes from higher in the atmosphere but “wet snow” is closer to the ground so this applies) that means that the “wet” in the air is pressing down the air.  The clouds are above you but they are pressing down the air.

AIR pressing down – got it?  AIR pressing down on WATER

Pressing down all water, even you, Mr. or Ms. Water!!  Your body is being pressed by this air pressure!

For those with aches and sensitivities your body is being squeezed and you hurt!  You will hurt until the pressure is lifted, e.g. the weather clears up.

That is why we all love a lovely blue sky with no air pressure!

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