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Trucker Health: Trucker Fitness 07105 safety-lane.comWhile this list may not be just for truckers, some of the ideas will resonate with truckers because of how the process differs from people who have more time, space, and flexibility in their lives.For my trucker readers: when you are not on the road, please try to do these same things… Read more »

5 Things That Prevent Good Sleep 07105 5 Things That Prevent Good SleepYou need sleep; maybe you crave sleep.  You need to be alert to function both physically and emotionally.  You know it and you want your body to know it but often you lay awake unable to drift off.Sleep is essential to maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills… Read more »

Insomniacs’ brains differ, lose focus 07105 Insomniacs’ brains differ, lose focus Brain scans of people who say they have insomnia have shown differences in brain function compared with people who get a full night’s sleep. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, said the poor sleepers struggled to focus part of their brain in memory tests…. Read more »

Trucker Health: New Blog Topic 07105 Trucker Health My business “Safety Lane” ( relies on truckers and the trucking industry.  With that in mind, I have decided to add a part of this health blog on issues related to trucker health.  It will have the opening “Trucker Health:” With a life expectancy that averages 16 years less than… Read more »

12 Foods Health Fit People Love 07105 safety-lane.com12 FOODS FIT PEOPLE LOVEWe all want to know the secrets of very fit people. How do they motivate themselves every day?When do they find the time to work out? And the big one: what foods do they eat? Because, let’s face it, finding the right foods for nutrition and enjoyment isn’t… Read more »

3 Ways of Knowing If Your Supplement is Safe, Effective 07105 3 WAYS OF KNOWING IF YOUR SUPPLEMENT IS SAFE OR EFFECTIVEThere is always a risk when you put something in your body: Will it work? What are the side effects? How do you know it’s safe? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when considering buying a supplement. It… Read more »

10 Reasons You Do Not Lose Weight 07105 10 Reasons You Do Not Lose Weight Check out these ten reasons for why you’re not losing that weight, and tips to get back on the right track.1. You’re Not Eating EnoughSkipping meals can throw your metabolism into a tailspin – and so can eating too few calories. Our bodies try to… Read more »

6 Nutrients All Women Need 07105 safety-lane.com6 NUTRIENTS WOMEN NEED AS THEY AGEThe specific composition of women’s bodies means that it’s important they get enough of certain vitamins and minerals, in order to reduce health risks and ensure that their bodies stay strong and vigorous even as they grow older.While the following nutrients are important to make a… Read more »

Learning Second Language Brings Brain Change 07105 Study finds learning second language later in life brings brain change The age at which a child begins to learn a second language can have a significant bearing on the structure of the adult brain, Canadian researchers report. A study by the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University found… Read more »

9 hours of sleep essential for students 07105 Nine hours of sleep essential for back-to-school studentsHealthy sleep habits are essential for children before school begins for them to get the rest they need to learn and to keep from gaining weight, a U.S. expert says.Dr. Suresh Kotagal, a pediatric sleep expert at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center in Rochester, Minn.,… Read more »