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Mediterranean Diet Linked to Larger Brain Volume 07105 NEWARK Mediterranean Diet Linked to Larger Brain Volume Adherence to the Mediterranean diet (MeDi) may prevent brain atrophy in old age, new research suggests. A large cross-sectional study by investigators at Columbia University in New York linked adherence to the MeDI to larger brain volume in an elderly population, suggesting this type… Read more »

Workouts Do Not Work Off The Effects of A Poor Diet 07105 NEWARK Workouts Do Not Work Off The Effects of A Poor Diet Exercise enthusiasts cannot work off the ill effects of an unhealthy diet, say the authors of an editorial  published online April 22 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine “Let us bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity,” the authors write. “You cannot… Read more »

Mosquito Magnet? Blame your DNA 07105 NEWARK Mosquito magnet? Blame your DNA, study says Are you a mosquito magnet? If so, your genes may be to blame. New research shows that if mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of a particular person, they are likely to be attracted to her twin’s scent as well. On the flip side,… Read more »

Statins Pose Risks For Elderly Without Heart Disease 07105 NEWARK Statins Pose Risks For Elderly Without Heart Disease Cholesterol medication can be lifesaving for older patients, but that doesn’t mean taking it is risk-free. A new study found that while statins may prevent heart attacks and other heart disease deaths, they can also result in adverse effects for elderly patients. The… Read more »

MMR Vaccine Not Linked to Autism, Even in High-Risk Kids 07105 NEWARK MMR Vaccine Not Linked to Autism, Even in High-Risk Kids Receipt of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine was not linked to an increased risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), even when older siblings had ASD, a new study shows. “These findings indicate no harmful association between MMR vaccine receipt… Read more »

Stretching Won’t Prevent Tendon Injuries 07105 NEWARK Stretching Won’t Prevent Tendon Injuries Tendon injuries are common in sports, and there are many schools of thought on how to avoid them. But a new analysis of past research finds that stretching doesn’t help and might even raise the risk of injury for some. Shock absorbing insoles, and hormone replacement… Read more »

Aspirin Helps Prevent Gastro Cancers 07105 NEWARK Aspirin Helps Prevent Gastro Cancers, Study Finds But experts caution against starting to take it every day in hopes of preventing disease Taking aspirin regularly over several years may help prevent gastrointestinal cancers, a new study suggests. There was a 20 percent lower risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, especially… Read more »

Dr. Lane’s thoughts 07105 NEWARK 1) The idea that says that “there is a cover for every pot” that is supposed to mean that there is someone for everyone for a romantic relationship is not correct. Romance advice should be more like storage containers:  some lids fit many containers and others don’t fit any.  Some people can… Read more »

Magnesium Fights Diabetes 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Magnesium Fights Diabetes: StudyIt may be the most beneficial nutrient you’re never heard about: magnesium. Past studies have shown it combats everything from heart health to osteoporosis, stroke, memory loss, and depression.But the latest research adds yet another benefit to magnesium’s greatest hits list — diabetes. A new analysis of studies published in the… Read more »

Spinal Decompression= Treatment for Slipped Disc 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Spinal Decompression= Treatment for Slipped Disc If you have a slipped disc, then you are likely no stranger to pain. Fortunately, there is a treatment option that offers promising results for helping with slipped discs, thereby working to relieve your pain—and that is spinal decompression. Slipped discs: What are they, and how do they… Read more »