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Alcoholism Risk Linked To Obesity Risk! Risk Linked To Obesity Risk! The link between a family history of alcohol dependency and obesity risk has become more prominent over the last few years. A higher percentage of males and females with a family history of alcoholism were found to be obese in 2002 than in 1992. 15% of the US population was obese… Read more »

Taking the Burn Out of Heartburn

Chiropractic Lane ( and Safety Lane ( readers!  I rarely reprint a Drs. Oz and Roizen posting so close to the date of the original publication but this one had a few elements I wanted to get out earlier than usual.  We hear a lot about obesity and we can see many people with this… Read more »

Five Ways to Get More Good Cholesterol

Chiropractic Lane ( and Safety Lane ( Ways to Get More Good Cholesterol Like the adopt-a-highway folks who tidy up the nation’s roads, a housekeeping crew in your bloodstream works 24/7 to keep your arteries squeaky-clean. On the crew: Healthy HDL cholesterol, which goes after lousy LDL before it can morph into heart-threatening plaque.1. Good… Read more »

Even Modest Weight Gain Can Harm Blood Vessels Even Modest Weight Gain Can Harm Blood Vessels.  Adding as little as 9 pounds of extra fat, specifically in the abdomen, increases the risk of developing endothelial cell dysfunction. Endothelial cells line the blood vessels and control the ability of the vessels to expand and contract. For those who gained weight in their abdomens, even… Read more »