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Obesity: Why Exercise Doesn’t Work 07105  NEWARK Obesity: Why Exercise Doesn’t Work Do you believe that it is only exercise that will lead to weight loss?  Every day you hear about someone losing a tremendous amount of weight by “nothing but exercise” and you are interested, but are you hearing it all? Surprisingly, scientific research shows little evidence of exercise… Read more »

The Social Role of Health 07105  NEWARK The Social Role of Health I sit here thinking about many things that impact on health and well-being.  Health is an individual goal that each of us is required to travel alone.  The people you bring along to help you are only there is assist; they cannot live your health for you.  This means… Read more »

Running and Low Back Pain 07105 NEWARK Running and Low Back Pain Have you ever noticed every time you go running, you have lower back pain either during or after the run? If so, I’m sure you’re wondering if you should quit running, find an alternative sport, or simply stop all activity and adopt a sedentary lifestyle.  If… Read more »

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 07105 NEWARK What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?         So what IS CTS?  According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (National Institutes of Health), CTS occurs as a result of the median nerve, which is located in the middle of the forearm and hand on the palm side, getting pinched or squeezed at… Read more »

Dr. Lane tells it all: the truth about doctors and health…Mom got it right. 07105 NEWARK Dr. Lane tells it all: the truth about doctors and health…Mom got it right. Hi readers,   I am very grateful that you read my postings – many taken from excellent sources of information about health and caring for yourself.  I don’t write as many posting as I re-post other people’s… Read more »

Muscles Love These Foods! 07105 NEWARK Muscles Love These Foods! Muscles like carbs — lots of them — especially if you’re doing intense or endurance exercise longer than 45 minutes. Carbs replenish glycogen reserves, the stored form of glucose that muscles crave. Healthy fats produce anti-inflammatory cytokines that help reduce pain and speed up healing, a boon for injured muscles.  Try… Read more »

Top Six Ways To Stop Bad-Back Attacks 07105 NEWARK Top Six Ways To Stop Bad-Back Attacks Sometimes the smallest action — that last twist of the champagne cork on a romantic night, scooping up your grandchild for a smooch — can throw your back out of whack.  But if you take these back-happy steps to prevent strain, you’ll keep those… Read more »

How Good Cholesterol Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away 07105 NEWARK How Good Cholesterol Can Keep Alzheimer’s Away Want to be able to blow the candles out on your 100th birthday cake and actually remember what you did during all of those years? Then keep your healthy HDL cholesterol high. That’s a secret shared by long-lived people who’ve never developed memory-robbing Alzheimer’s disease:… Read more »

For Women With Diabetes, Air Pollution Has Higher Heart Risks 07105 NEWARK For Women With Diabetes, Air Pollution Has Higher Heart Risks Particle pollution like soot is a known health hazard and linked to the risk of heart disease and stroke, but women with diabetes are even more vulnerable than most people, according to a new U.S. study. “There is a convincing literature… Read more »

Sunshine Reduces Colorectal Cancer 07105 NEWARK Sunshine Reduces Colorectal Cancer An interesting study looked at the incidence of colorectal cancer based upon how far people lived form the equator. Researchers wanted to discover if a greater exposure to sunlight would reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. They found that “incidence of colon cancer was highest in countries distant from… Read more »