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Narcissists: A Beginner’s Guide 07105 NEWARK  Narcissists: A Beginner’s Guide I’m Fabulous! Don’t You Agree? Simply put, it’s the tendency to think very highly of yourself and to have little or no regard for others. A narcissist is selfish, vain, and a glutton for attention. But there’s a range. Just because you have some of the traits… Read more »

Sugary beverages increase your risk for metabolic syndrome (Dr. Oz article) 07105 NEWARK Sugary beverages increase your risk for metabolic syndrome (Dr. Oz article) According to Health and Human Services, 200 years ago, the average American ate 2 pounds of sugar a year. Today, it’s almost 152 pounds annually.However, all sugar is not created equal. It’s important to know which type of sugar in… Read more »

Twelve Risk Factors Linked to 40% of World’s Dementia Cases 07105 NEWARK Twelve Risk Factors Linked to 40% of  World’s Dementia Cases Modifying 12 risk factors over the life course could delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases, a new report suggests. The report is an update of the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention, and Care. The original report, published in 2017, identified… Read more »

Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XXIV 07105 NEWARK Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XXIV 1)  So Trump is a business man or a “great businessman” or some such internal reference.  Is he really?  Are you speaking of his scripted TV show he was on (yeah, none of that was real or had any consequences. He was paid as an actor on… Read more »

Alzheimer’s Blood Test 07105 NEWARK Alzheimer’s Blood Test A breakthrough blood test for Alzheimer’s has been shown to accurately identify patients with the disease, researchers announced July 28. 2020. The experimental findings suggest a potential route to early diagnosis of the neurodegenerative condition as early as 20 years before symptoms appear.  Despite afflicting nearly 10% of elderly Americans, the precise… Read more »

Meat Causes Health Problems 07105 NEWARK Meat Causes Health Problems Let’s start by making it clear that I am not anti-meat nor am I advocating pure vegetarianism for everyone.  This article is purely about the impact of large amount of meat on your health.  In 2018 Americans ate a record-breaking amount of red meat and poultry (much… Read more »

Your diet choices can help prevent Alzheimer’s (Dr. Oz Article) 07105 NEWARK Your diet choices can help prevent Alzheimer’s (Dr. Oz Article) Leonardo da Vinci, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw and the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician Norbert Wiener all were vegetarians. Their genius was powered by plants! If you want to keep your brain sharp and avoid dementia, yours should be too. That’s the… Read more »

Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XXIII 07105 NEWARK 1) Florida: 7-13-2020.   The largest single day increase in COVID-19 cases in the history of this pandemic.  People there are talking about the ‘lack of leadership” – calling out the state and federal governments.  You can’t complain of a ‘lack of leadership’ if you are the ones that put DeSantis and… Read more »

CoQ10 + Vitamin D for Statin Pain! 07105 NEWARK CoQ10 for Statin Pain! Like many people I take a statin drug for cholesterol control. Like many people, I have had terrible pain in my legs and weakness when I walk too much or climb stairs.  My doctor has come up with solutions like changing my dosage from 20 mg to… Read more »

Tomatos to Protect Your Man’s ‘Tomatos’ 07105 NEWARK Tomatos to Protect Your Man’s ‘Tomatos’ New research confirms that eating cooked tomatoes may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  A study published in Cancer Causes & Control followed more than 27,000 men without cancer for almost eight years.  The researchers found that men who consumed canned or cooked tomatoes four… Read more »