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Things to be learned from Tony Robbins Lectures 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Things to be learned from Tony Robbins Lectures I read an article about Tony Robbins lectures and the author noted these things which I think can be useful to anyone.  I am not advocating people going to spend the enormous amount that TR demands from his followers and being forced to do his seminars… Read more »

Large Study Links Brown Fat With Lower Rates of Cardiometabolic Disease 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Large Study Links Brown Fat With Lower Rates of Cardiometabolic Disease People who have brown fat detected on imaging seem to be at reduced risk of cardiac and metabolic conditions, ranging from type 2 diabetes to hypertension and coronary artery disease, with a notably strong effect in people with obesity, according to a new study in more than 52,000 individuals… Read more »

Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XXVIII 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK 1) Betsy DeVos resigned from the Trump administration “bravely”(?) with 13 days to go before it is over – a hypocrite of such oily loathsomeness that in comparison the Costra Nostra would be just a few businessmen concerned about your well-being. Betsy DeVos is a rich, privileged woman chosen to be Education Secretary (a… Read more »

Easy Exercises – 10 – to End Back Pain and Tone Your Abs! 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Easy Exercises – 10 – to End Back Pain and Tone Your Abs! The causes of back pain can vary but often it happens because the spine doesn’t get enough support from surrounding muscles. The core muscles, especially the obliques, are connected to the lower back muscles, and the stronger these muscles are, the more support the spine gets…. Read more »

Belly Fat 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Belly Fat Researchers think the amount of deep fat around your middle is a better gauge of whether you’re at risk of serious health problems than either your weight or your BMI (body mass index). Not only can belly fat make your jeans too tight, too much of it could mean you’re more likely to get: Diabetes. Fatty… Read more »

U.S. mothers underestimate role breastfeeding plays in curbing breast cancer 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK U.S. mothers underestimate role breastfeeding plays in curbing breast cancer The majority of women in the United States remain unaware of the benefits breastfeeding offers in reducing the risk of breast cancer, reported Adrienne Hoyt-Austin, DO, and colleagues at University of California, Davis. Using nationally representative data collected from the 2015-2017 National Survey of… Read more »

Sip This for a Stronger Immune System (Grape Juice) 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK Sip This for a Stronger Immune System (Grape Juice) Orange juice isn’t the only beverage you can grab when you want to help your immune system fight off illness and infection. New research suggests that grape juice may be an immune system booster, too. In a study, people who sipped Concord grape juice daily… Read more »

How to Save Your Hearing 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK How to Save Your Hearing Rates of hearing loss doubled in America between 2000 and 2015. So if you find yourself cranking up the TV volume or asking friends and family to SPEAK UP, you’re not alone. Half of all adults over age 50 have some hearing loss and according to the National Institutes of Health… Read more »

The DASH Diet: Eat This Way to Prevent Pain 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK The DASH Diet: Eat This Way to Prevent Pain You’ve heard the rumors. Or maybe experienced the misery yourself. A kidney stone attack is like no other pain on earth. But a simple choice may help keep you in the clear. Eat a DASH diet. It’s the one recommended for people interested in controlling their… Read more »

The Quick-Fix Mediterranean Diet 07105chiropractic-lane.comNEWARK The Quick-Fix Mediterranean Diet Adding international flair to your diet could quickly lead to a healthier heart. After only 3 months of eating a Mediterranean diet, study participants reduced their risk of cardiovascular disease by approximately 15%. A Mediterranean diet emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, low-fat dairy, and olive oil. Planning your meals… Read more »