Wash Your Hands – there may be BPA on them!


Do What Mom Says:
Wash Your Hands – there may be BPA on them!
        Bisphenol-A (BPA, for short) is an endocrine disruptor—meaning it disrupts your normal endocrine activities. In the case of BPA, it is found commonly–like in 98%– of food can linings, and in over 75% of fast food, gas station and restaurant receipts (only one company makes BPA free receipt paper from these devices and is now starting to make their paper have red threads in it so you and I can easily spot the BPA free paper).  What makes BPA so useful is it is a relatively (until it gets in your body) inert resin. But, it mimics estrogen effects once it gets inside you.  Now, like a car or a piece of gold, it is too big a molecule to be absorbed thru your skin.  But, if you touch your food with it, and eat that food, then can BPA get in you.  (Those receipts have more than 1000 times BPA then baby bottles made from it or in food from cans.)

        BPA is believed to be almost as deadly as second hand smoke–you got it, like tobacco effluent (smoke), BPA promotes cancer, and a host of other disease.  BPA in your liver causes fewer male frogs, premature maturity in your female children, and decrease sperm counts and sperm function in adult guys.  These changes are pretty well established thru lab experiments in multiple animal species. It is logically thought to be a cause of increased breast cancer, maybe prostate cancer, and less masculine men (no data on the later two, just postulates).  

        It is easier than washing your car to protect yourself from this unnecessary cause of aging. Simply wash your hands after touching every receipt and eat frozen non canned veggies if you cannot get fresh (frozen maintain their nutrients better, an extra bonus).  What about only taking the red threaded paper?  It is impregnated with a compound abbreviated BPS.   We do not know if that BPS is safe, yet.  So, the best thing is the one your mom yelled at you about: Wash your hands!  BPA gives you another reason to do so more frequently.