BEST DIETS: U.S. News and World Report 07105


BEST DIETS: U.S. News and World Report

The best overall diets include the Flexitarian diet, Weight Watchers, MIND diet, TLC diet and Volumetrics.
The theme you can see here is that DASH and Mediterranean are the best diets overall!
The Flexitarian diet is a mostly meatless plan that emphasizes plant-based foods. Weight Watchers focuses on healthy eating, with point values assigned to foods and a daily point limit. TLC stands for therapeutic changes for high cholesterol; followers exercise more and lower saturated fat. The MIND diet combines parts of the DASH and Mediterranean diets and aims to improve brain health.
Best commercial diets: Winners include Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig for first and second. Jenny Craig provides low-calorie packaged foods and consultant support. The Flat Belly diet and Nutritarian tied for third. The Flat Belly plan focuses on eating healthy, with monounsaturated fats such as from olive oil and nuts and setting a 1,600-calorie daily limit. The Nutritarian diet emphasizes a plant-based plan with ”anti-cancer super foods.”
Best weight loss diets: Winners were Weight Watchers, Volumetrics, Jenny Craig, Vegan, and Flexitarian. Volumetrics focuses on eating foods that fill you up, such as broth-based soups, fruits, and non-starchy vegetables such as tomatoes and mushrooms.
Best fast weight loss diets: Winners are the HMR diet, Weight Watchers, Biggest Loser, Medifast, SlimFast and Volumetrics. The HMR diet is a low-calorie plan with meal replacement shakes that focuses on fruits and vegetables. The Biggest Loser includes eating regular meals with lean protein, fruits, and vegetables and keeping a food journal. Medifast starts with five meal replacements a day and one meal, with more meals phased in as weight is lost. SlimFast is a program of meal replacement shakes.
Best diets for healthy eating: Winners: DASH, Mediterranean, Flexitarian, TLC, Mayo Clinic, MIND, Volumetrics, and Weight Watchers. The Mayo Clinic diet focuses on healthy lifelong eating.
Easiest to follow: Mediterranean, Flexitarian, Weight Watchers, DASH, and MIND.
Best for diabetes: After the two first-place winners, DASH and Mediterranean, came the Flexitarian, Mayo Clinic, Vegan, Volumetrics, and Weight Watchers diets.
Best for heart disease: DASH claimed the top spot, followed by Mediterranean and Ornish (tie for second) and TLC. Flexitarian, MIND, and Vegan tied for the fifth spot. The Ornish diet ranks foods from healthiest to most indulgent, encouraging followers to emphasize the foods from the healthiest group.
Best plant-based diets: The top five are the Mediterranean, Flexitarian, Ornish, Vegetarian, and Traditional Asian diets. The Traditional Asian plan includes low-fat eating with little red meat and plenty of fresh fruits, fish, and vegetables.

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