CoQ10 + Vitamin D for Statin Pain!

CoQ10 for Statin Pain!

Like many people I take a statin drug for cholesterol control.

Like many people, I have had terrible pain in my legs and weakness when I walk too much or climb stairs.  My doctor has come up with solutions like changing my dosage from 20 mg to 10 mg and even going down to every other day instead of every day.

I found a book by Gabe Mirkin, MD “The Healthy Heart Miracle” and he suggested CoQ10 and Vitamin D – easily accessible supplements.

I took them along with my statin drug (I use Atorvastatin) and the pain disappeared!  You also must keep your levels of Vitamin D at a high level for other reasons so this is an easy rule to follow.

This is an experiment with no downside – try it and it can’t hurt you.  The CoQ10 is cheap to buy and has no side-effects.  Vitamin D is also very important for all your body functions.

If you are lucky (like me) you will eliminate your leg pain and help to keep your cholesterol down!

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