Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XII

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Dr. Lane’s Thoughts XII

1) Brett Kavanaugh – a man-boy so much a product of his culture that his “boyhood hi-jinks” sounds normal to the people he came from and now represents but henious to those of us outside of that sphere of money and entitlement.  A boy of privilige who grew up with the real and sense of entitlement most Americans can only look at from afar or in the pages of the New York Times or Washington Post.  Those people of the “Great Gatsby” ilk living lives of ease and comfort, the wheels of life greased so that there is never a pause or moment of hesitation.  Acceptance is a considered constant by way of family connections and money; educational achievement is only a minor discomfort on the road to an assured seat to the place of a white man’s privilige.

“Beach Week”?  A bought-for week at a poor resort town for kids with adult bodies and child minds to explore their naive sexuality and drinking skills with others of their same economic position, paid for by parents who have conveniently forgotten their own “Beach Week” from their similar prep school and college years.  A chance for underage girls to be groped and molested by boys who don’t care about much of anything but their own initiation into college and the rarified world of “white man privilige”.

Ah, those girls.  What would “Beach Week” without the female bodies that offer themselves up to these boys so willingly and pay for the opportunity with the same funds source (parents) as the white “boys of wonder”?  Maybe that is a future husband drunkenly trying to pull down your bikini bottom on that couch at 2 AM while you try to recall if you left your drink unattended?  Maybe that is a good boy from an excellent background with the power and connections to have a clear path to becoming a future Supreme Court Justice?!?  Wouldn’t your parents be so proud if those tragic memories you will have of waking up under a sweaty boy come from a manchild on his way to Yale or Duke and then a law degree or MBA?

Oh my!  Girls – what if he doesn’t really care about you when he takes those photos of your exposed breasts during the week of fun and unplanned escapades?  What if he gives you a fake phone number or changes his number later to avoid you?  Or worse – what is he is a poor  boy with no real way to easily become ensconced into the world of finance or law like your daddy or mommy?  How will you live with yourself?  What about if he is poor and tries to see you again, causing you anguish because he isn’t the “Brad O’Kavanaugh” of your dreams and your parents’ aspirations?  He didn’t attack you while you were alone in your family home – he was at the same location as you chose to be and behaving the way you expected him to act.  You don’t want to be have sharks circling around you then don’t swim in their waters.  He wasn’t out of his normal feeding waters and neither were you – the only surprise here is your expectation.

But then again, should these kinds of judgements be made by young people not quite out of adolescence?  Should life-altering choices be made by unsupervised men and women with unformed decision-making skills? These days, a consensus of neuroscientists agree that brain development likely persists until at least the mid-20s – possibly until the 30s.

The fact that our brains aren’t developed until the mid 20s means that “legal adults” (those age 18+) are allowed to make adult decisions, without fully mature brains.  Someone who is 18 may make riskier decisions than someone in their mid-20s in part due to lack of experience, but primarily due to an underdeveloped brain – specifically the area known as the “prefrontal cortex”. This area of the brain helps us think logically and make more calculated assessments of situations. Our brain weighs the risks and tells us whether a certain behavior or choice is a good idea vs. a bad one.

Do we owe these people our sympathy?  These boys who will become men and sit at the heads of our blue-chip companies, white-shoe law firms, and family companies, scions to the endless legacies of trust funds and enabled entitlement; those able to hire the accountants that allow them to skirt the IRS tax structure that you cannot ever hope to do (e.g. I just recited the life of Donald J. Trump)?  

Or the story of these young women who get felt up by these young men and then, later, decide that this was a trauma because it did not end up the way they had envisioned or their family had planned?

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants – our founding fathers and our forever power structure in the United States

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