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Obesity: Why Exercise Doesn’t Work

Obesity: Why Exercise Doesn’t Work Do you believe that it is only exercise that will lead to weight loss?  Every day you hear about someone losing a tremendous amount of weight by “nothing but exercise” and you are interested, but are you hearing it all? Surprisingly scientific research shows little evidence of exercise being effective… Read more »

Save Money When Safety Lane does Your CDL Physicals

 Here a Safety Lane, we have contracted with several large companies to provide discounts for their drivers. There are several ways this can be accomplished. 1. We contract directly with your company. We provide your drivers with their CDL physicals and you pay our office directly. This offers a great service to your drivers and… Read more »

Be careful in the heat!

I love reading Drs. Oz and Roizen.  Today they wrote about being careful in hot temperatures.  I think we can all grab some lessons on being care from what they wrote.According to them, to figure out how much  water you need each day, divide your weight (in pounds) by two. That’s your basic daily need… Read more »

Lentils Sylvia

Lentils Sylvia2 bags Red lentils (tastier than the green ones)2 medium Red onions (also called Bermuda onions) crushed or minced garlic (you will need two tablespoons)2 bags BABY carrots (sweeter than whole carrots)Bouillon or stock (meat-based or vegetable-based) 1) Put the lentils into a pot and let them soak in water  – overnight would be… Read more »

Muscles Love These Foods!

Muscles Love These Foods!Muscles like carbs — lots of them — especially if you’re doing intense or endurance exercise longer than 45 minutes. Carbs replenish glycogen reserves, the stored form of glucose that muscles crave. Healthy fats produce anti-inflammatory cytokines that help reduce pain and speed up healing, a boon for injured muscles. Try these food… Read more »

World War DC

World War DCAs you all probably know by now, there is a movie out called “World War Z” starring Brad Pitt.What you may not know is that he plays a character named after me, Gerry Lane. [I actually spell my name “Jerry Lane” but you know Hollywood, always concerned about a lawsuit]I am presently writing… Read more »

JAMA Suggests Chiropractic for Low Back Pain

JAMA Suggests Chiropractic for Low Back PainTo introduce my readers to this topic I need to inform you that one of the leading journals in medicine is the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  To many, this journal is the voice of the American Medical Association.The chiropractic profession has had a long-term bitter relationship with… Read more »

Skin, Joint, and Back Problems Prompt Most Physician Visit

Skin, Joint, and Back Problems Prompt Most Physician Visits  Most patients without acute conditions see their physicians not because of diabetes, heart disease, or cancer but because of skin problems, joint disorders, and back pain, according to an article published in the January 2013 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Spurred on by healthcare reform, the… Read more »

Surgical Indicators for Low Back Pain

Surgical Indicators for Low Back Pain I recently read an article on the alternatives to surgery for back pain. The article discusses the cases of two men; Steve Pagani, a junior high principal, and David Fischer, an avid mountain biker. After suffering from back pain, both men sought the advice of Dr. Kenneth Light, a San Francisco orthopedic surgeon…. Read more »

Being a Generous Person Can Help You Live Longer!

Being a Generous Person Can Help You Live Longer!Generosity is an essential part of not just living longer but wanting to live longer.  It fuels the body with good energy and strengthens not just relationships, but the heart, immune system and your desire to be good to yourself, too! How does generosity benefit the giver? It… Read more »