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Theoretical Basis for CHIROPRACTIC Maintenance Care

Theoretical Basis for CHIROPRACTIC Maintenance Care  A very interesting study that concerned the theoretical basis for maintenance spinal manipulative therapy for the chiropractic profession  The Facts: a. The author wished to discuss a theoretical basis for maintenance care and also to promote further investigation into the subject. b. His hypotheses was that spinal manipulation encourages normal… Read more »

How to Remove Muscle Knots to Remove Muscle Knots Muscle knots can develop suddenly or over time, last for a few hours or the long term and often seem baseless — leaving you not only in significant pain but perplexed.The knots get their colloquial name from the sensation they cause, as though your muscles are tied up in —… Read more »

CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Lane Tells it All About Chiropractic I am a chiropractor, or chiropractic physician as we like to be called these days. We are physicians as much as any other medical professional is a physician in that we attended fours years of medical school, took national board exams, and studied the exact same material for the first two years of school…. Read more »

How Massage Heals Sore Muscles Massage Heals Sore MusclesResearchers are learning how massage soothes aching muscles.A massage after vigorous exercise unquestionably feels good, and it seems to reduce pain and help muscles recover. Many people — both athletes and health professionals – have long contended it eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness. But until now no… Read more »

Decongestants in pregnancy linked to birth defects

Decongestants in pregnancy linked to birth defects A woman’s use of decongestant medications in the first trimester of pregnancy may raise her child’s risk of certain rare birth defects, according to a small study.Some types of over-the-counter decongestants, including the popular phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine, were individually linked to rare, specific birth defects of the digestive tract,… Read more »

Breakfast linked to ‘healthy heart’

I saw this really good article that I thought I would share with my readers.  I have to say this is advice my mother used to tell us all the time, just modified for a health-conscious audience: Breakfast linked to ‘healthy heart’ Could a bowl of cereal help your heart? Continue reading the main story… Read more »

Why all medical providers hate health insurance companies.

Why all medical providers hate health insurance companies.Do you have a job?  I am sure it has a paycheck attached to it or you probably wouldn’t stay there.  I’m pretty sure that you had to sign some kind of employment contract that spelled out your responsibilities and your salary, the responsibilities of your employer, dates… Read more »